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SS'19 Collection - The dance of Springtime sunlight

Spring / Summer 2019 Collection, available from the 31st January at Selfridges.

We're extremely excitied to announce that our new Spring / Summer collection will be available from 31/01/19 at Selfridges and 14/02/19 at Harrods & Fenwick of Bond Street counters.

This 2019 collection is inspired by dazzling sunlight displays as they pierce clouds and cast beautiful gentle light upon the earth. Truly capturing this aura with trend setting pigments and textures was no small feat. To this end, this collection also includes three entirely new ranges of colour products, along with new Designing Color Eyes palettes, Glow Touch Eyeshadows and Nail Color Polish shades. Try the new concept Shimmer Liquid Blush, Color Ink Liquid Eyeliner with fine felt tip and Stain Lip Lacquer for succulent lips.

In detail:

Designing Colour Eyes
Designing Color Eyes

Introducing two new palettes that include four shades that perfectly blend together to create prismatic inspired looks. £46 (RRP)

12 Genkouakane/Cherry Pink + Fairy Mint: Multi-coloured pearls are used to accent sweet, entrancing colours to add an unexpected glistening light.

124 Toukiyou/Bright Yellow + Icy Blue (Limited Edition): This limited edition, cool-toned palette is for women who desire a look that’s both dynamic and sophisticated. £46 (RRP)

Glow Touch Eyes
Glow Touch Eyes

With their velvety, non-drying formula, high pigmentation and pearls that blend seamlessly, Glow Touch Eyes leave a naturally luminous finish. Specially developed with Long Lasting Film, the eyeshadow is flexible and doesn’t lose it’s smooth texture over time. £24 (RRP)

06 Kiramomo/Coral Pink

104 Kibudou/Shine Grape (Limited Edition)

105 Aitou/Mystic Blue (Limited Edition)

Color Ink Liquid Eyeliner
Color Ink Liquid Eyeliner

A long-lasting liquid eyeliner featuring a fine felt brush tip to give more control over your line for true precision and a sophisticated finish. With a water-resistant formula, it withstands humidity, sweat and excess-oil and features a Stretch Fit Polymer, that dries quickly to prevent cracking or flaking. £25 (RRP)

01 Black: A jet black for strong, dramatic eyes.

02 Brown: A light brown for a gorgeous, effortlessly chic springtime look.

03 Red: A vivid ruby red that can be used as a colour liner for this season’s feminine look.

04 Navy Blue: A metallic blue with a sophisticated shine.

101 Green (Limited Edition): A forest green with a matte finish.

102 Shine Gold (Limited Edition): A gold with a pearlescent sheen.

Shimmer Liquid Blush
Shimmer Liquid Blush

With five new shades to chose from, this liquid blusher brings a flush of natural-looking colour to the skin, with a hint of radiance. Featuring a moisturising formula of water and four different beauty oils, this blusher offers a luxurious finish on the skin. £26 (RRP)

01 Usumomokurumi/Skin Pink: Add a flash of natural-looking colour with a hint of sparkle.

02 Tsubaimomo/Raspberry Red: For a pure and elegant complexion.

03 Mitsukouji/Hot Orange: A subtle yet fiery hue that reveals a healthy complexion.

101 Jakuzakura/Deep Cassis (Limited Edition): A muted mauve with a pearlescent finish.

102 Tsuyashiso/Orchid Pink (Limited Edition): A blue-toned pink for a beautifully cool look.

Stain Lip Lacquer
Stain Lip Lacquer

A long-lasting lip lacquer that offers a smooth, lightweight texture that’s comfortable to wear all day long. Each shade is highly pigmented and tints lips for a vivid finish. Formulated with Silicon Oil and High Viscosity Oil this allows the product to adhere whilst offering a light and smooth texture for a comfortable finish. £24 (RRP)

101 Kiniji/Hologram Snow (Limited Edition): Provides lips with a subtle veil of dreamy sparkle.

102 Urushiame/Cinnamon Beige (Limited Edition): A gorgeous nude for a natural finish.

103 Himeichigo/Ice Pink (Limited Edition): For a sophisticated finish.

104 Touhi/Spicy Red (Limited Edition): A statement red suitable for all skin tones.

105 Hakuake/Metallic Orange (Limited Edition): A mesmerising copper hue.

Nail Color Polish
Nail Color Polish

Three new limited edition shades for spring, that give you the pick of the best shades for the season. £18 (RRP)

113 Kousumire / Mauve Shine (Limited Edition): A natural hue with pearlescent finish.

114 Sukashitsutsuhi / Dahlia Purple (Limited Edition): The colour of a large, blooming dahlia, vivid and full of clarity.

112 Kuchinashi / Saffron Yellow (Limited Edition): Adds a seasonal touch of yellow to your fingertips.

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Buy online at Selfridges & Harrods.

Available from 31/01/19 at Selfridges and 14/02/2019 at all other SUQQU UK stockists, while stocks last. Some products are limited-edition.

Spring / Summer '19
SUQQU Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Spring / Summer '19 Collection


NEW Intense Rich Eye Cream

Available now.

Re-awaken the eye area to create a brightened radiant face. The new triple-action formula utilises the moisturising prowess of seaweed, shell ginger leaf and yeast extract to leave skin supple and resilient. This luxurious cream is specifically formulated to target two major aging eye concerns: under eye darkness and loss of skin elasticity. The balm-like texture ensures it applies easily and evenly, melting into the skin, and is delicately scented with a comforting, floral fragrance based on the Sanzekan Orchid. Massage using the quick warming applicator to relax the eyes and help to absorb the rich formula.

Read more on the global site.

13g - £90 (RRP). Includes applicator. Buy online at Selfridges & Harrods.

How to use:

Intense Rich Eye Cream guide 1

① Use the bigger end of the applicator to stroke along from the outer to the inner corner of the eye, then press gently between the inner corner of the eye and the nose.

Intense Rich Eye Cream guide 1

② Press gently along the temples and the area between the brows.

Intense Rich Eye Cream guide 1

③ Stroke from the temple, in front of the ear, down to the neck.

Intense Rich Eye Cream product

NEW Intense Rich Eye Cream.

Intense Rich Eye Cream product

Introducing our aluminium applicator, beautifully formed and balanced it is designed exclusively for the Intense Rich Eye Cream. The warmth of your fingers will quickly warm it up, so it can work precisely on the area around the eye you want to relax. The result - a clearer, altogether brighter impression.


Award-winning Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation launch

Available now

Our latest award-winning cream foundation is available now from Selfridges, Harrods & Fenwick of Bond Street. It was recently voted as "Best of the Best" Cream foundation in Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2018. The new formula follows in the foot steps of our loved Extra Glow Cream Foundation with added moisturising extracts. £68 (R.R.P)

Read more on the global site.

Buy online at Selfridges & Harrods.

Shade Guide:

Foundation shade guide
Foundation image

Thank you to everyone who attended the 15th Anniversary Pop-Up Boutique

We hope you had as much fun as we did at our Covent Garden event.

Thank you to everyone who came by our boutique to share in the celebrations! The whole SUQQU team, including Morag Ross had a wonderful time meeting you all, we truly hope you enjoyed yourselves and look forward to meeting you all again in the near future.

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We were very fortunate to be joined by industry experts, international make up artists and professionals from all over to help us put together such a fantastic event. With thanks to:
Morag Ross (@morag_ross_makeup_artist) BAFTA Award-winning Make Up Artist and SUQQU UK Spokesperson
The Persuaders (Event Design)
CAPCO (Covent Garden)
Halpern PR (PR)
Onodera (Catering)
Takara (Beverages)
Dario Pellegrino Photography (Event Photography)

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